Approval was given to locate the new community hospital for the Forest of Dean in, or near, Cinderford by NHS Boards in August 2018. In addition a commitment was made to undertake further engagement to ensure local people are fully involved in the development of the new community hospital in the Forest of Dean and the services that it provides.

Consequently, we are asking people who live and work in the Forest of Dean, as well as others who have an interest in the future provision of services here, to help up to develop ideas for the services to be provided in the new hospital.

No decisions have been made about what services will be provided or how many beds there will be. We are keen to ensure that we build a new hospital that will meet the needs of local people now and for the future.

We are also talking to communities across Gloucestershire about ways services could be organised so that you can get the very best urgent advice, support and care across the county and benefit from two thriving specialist hospitals in the future in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

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Previous engagement

Location of a new community hospital in the Forest of Dean

For more information about the Citizens’ Jury, including the Jurors’ Report, please go to www.citizensjuries.org

Outcome of Consultation

This content relates to the previous consultation between 21 September 2017 and 10 December 2017.

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